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SEO for 2014: Your Roadmap For Search Engine Success

With all of the constant Google algorithm updates it can be hard to determine what you should do if you want to sustain long-term rankings in the search engines. The days of being able to throw a few keywords into your web copy and easily rank are long gone. The focus has shifted to providing quality content to your visitors and thus, the search engines.

In this article we’re going to highlight what you should be focusing your SEO efforts on for 2014. With all of the voices and so-called SEO experts it can be overwhelming to decide which voice to listen to. We believe that by focusing on long-term strategies you’ll be better off than the short term tactics that most people get wrapped up in.

Focus on Your Content Strategy

Content will shape the future of the web. By orienting your strategy to produce high quality content that will add massive value to your readers you’ll lay the foundation for solid search engine rankings.

The more sharable content you produce the more links you’ll gain in the long run. The more high quality links you have pointing to your content the higher your site will rise in the search engines. The overall strategies haven’t changed too much in recent years, although a look at the algorithm updates will have you thinking other wise.   

All of these updates have simply weeded out the low-quality content and sites, leaving room for the top sites and articles to rise to the top. Great content shapes the experience the user has on your website. Every piece of content you create should be geared toward proving massive value.

Overall, the search engines are simply trying to give the most relevant content to their customers. Who are their customers? The very readers you’re trying to direct back to your site. By serving your readers Google will value you now and into the future.

Inbound Links Matter

As always, link building should be an essential part of your strategy. In the past you used to be able to blast your site with thousands of low-quality links and see it rise in the rankings. That still might work in the short-term strategy, however as a long term strategy this will just end up hurting you. The new SEO game is entirely focused on creating long-term, lasting results.

When trying to decide where to spend your time building links, remember that quality trumps quantity every time. Focus your efforts on strategies, such as, guest blogging to help you secure high quality links on websites within your niche. Guest blogging can also help you in  other ways as well, by building up your business network.

Time to Get Social

Social media is the newest element in search engine optimization, however it is also the fastest growing cialis preise deutschland. Depending upon your target market, your social media strategy will differ.

Overall, social media is geared towards managing and strengthening relationships with your current customer relationships through engagement. The deeper your relationships with your current customers, the more likely they’re going to continue to promote and share your articles and website.

I hope this article has been valuable and you have a better idea at how you can best use SEO to help your business grow throughout 2014. SEO is a constantly evolving industry and what works this year might not work in the coming years, however one constant that will remain the same is value.

Motorola RAZR V3i Arrives at Cingular

Hmmm, just a thought for Motorola and Cingular. Let’s get this straight. You are offering a RAZR V3i at Cingular now when Verizon and others have been offering it ever since its inception lilly cialis. Don’t you think diehard phone fans would’ve already switched service providers by now if they were so much in love with the RAZR series? I don’t know what you were thinking announcing this partnership this late in the game, but I wish you the best of luck.

The V3i should’ve been at stores starting today, August 21st. The original release date was set at August 7th, but it was apparently pushed back. If you remember that’s when LG launched its Chocolate phone, and come to think of it, it was probably a good move to push back the release date. There was no way Cingular and Motorola was going to get any attention.

Anyways, so it’s finally here for Cingular subscribers. I would tell you to go ahead and wait for next-generation RAZR and KRZR models, but since Cingular apparently doesn’t have as good of a relationship with Motorola, you may have a year or so before the new models become available to you.

3D Wireless Mouse for $550

This is something I would totally get for gaming, I think. As the title states, a group of University of California students have designed a 3D wireless mouse that somewhat works. The idea is to use the mouse without placing it on the surface. In this particular scenario, the students could move the device left, right, up, down, front and back for corresponding movements.

The following is a direct excerpt from the official project website:

This project was completed in March of 2006 with some success. The mouse does work, and the position of the mouse can be detected with an accuracy of 3 centimeters, over a range of 1 to 6 meters, with the position being updated 25 times per second. The mouse contains 5 general use buttons whose status are also updated 25 times per second. The mouse is also rechargable by simply plugging it into the wall with an AC adapter. The mouse will last about 14 hours on a single charge. Mouse coordinates and button states are sent to the PC over a USB link.

This project was meant to be a class project, and thus we don’t think we will see a 3D wireless mouse anytime soon in production. According to the group members, it would cost approximately $550 to produce additional units, which isn’t too bad.

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MobiBLU US2 UltraSlim Audio Player Appears

mobibluus_001Whoa! MobiBLU is just like Apple (Apple taught a lot of companies the joy of viral marketing) in creating a buzz for its products. First, it was the tiny Cube players. Then came the B153 player that promised extraordinary battery life; and now MobiBLU is planning cheap mlb jerseys to release its Mighty US2 in the near future. This Of player is expected to be thinner than Apple’s of iPod Nano.

Unlike the iPod Nano that measures 89mm x 41mm x 7mm, the US2 measures 80mm x 40mm x 7-9mm in overall wholesale mlb jerseys measurements. Is this great or what? The US2 obviously stands for UltraSlim, which it certainly is.

You will realize that MobiBLU engineers <a href="http://www tadalafil citrate 20 mg”>cheap mlb jerseys did get motivation from Motorola’s RAZR cell ?irketleri phone, but whatever it may be, this MP3 player is bound to make waves again. It’s funny how Sony and Creative hardly ever swipe the market, but cheap nfl jerseys here comes a company that hardly anyone has ever heard of, uses Apple’s marketing strategy and creates quite a name for itself. Good going!

This device is integrated with a 1.5” OLED display, supports audio, video, photos and recording, Talkie SRS cheap nba jerseys WOW audio Council enhancing technology and expected to come in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB Soccer flash capacities.

Exact information Colour regarding pricing and features is unknown. However, according to MobiBLU Korea, the US2 should enter retail channels in mid-July.

MacMice Danger Mouse: Goodbye Mighty Mouse

Wow, say goodbye to Apple’s cheap jerseys Mighty Mouse, and welcome MacMice’s Danger Mouse. This mouse has everything that you would want from the Mighty Mouse, plus more. Other than implementing laser technology for higher precision and a 1600dpi resolution, the design of the Danger Mouse is outstanding, at least from a Mac’s standpoint. While the Mighty Mouse supports some of the same functionality, Danger Mouse enhances that same functionality by taking it to the next level.

If you look carefully, there is now a slight gap between the left and wholesale jerseys China right buttons, which defines their location. This is great for new Mac users who have recently converted from a Windows environment. cheap nba jerseys To top it all, there’s also a scroll wheel that’s well defined as well. For extra glide, MacMice includes special glide pads to make gliding a bit smoother.

But Season we haven’t gotten to Clothing the good part yet. The Danger Mouse is available immediately for $29.99, which is about $20 cheaper than Apple’s Mighty Mouse. The funny thing is, Danger Mouse is <a href="http://www cialis aus”>cheap mlb jerseys a perfect Hockey name for this mouse. You bet it’s a danger to the Mighty Mouse.

Good job, MacMice!

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