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Monthly Archives: April 2006

MacMice Danger Mouse: Goodbye Mighty Mouse

Wow, say goodbye to Apple’s cheap jerseys Mighty Mouse, and welcome MacMice’s Danger Mouse. This mouse has everything that you would want from the Mighty Mouse, plus more. Other than implementing laser technology for higher precision and a 1600dpi resolution, the design of the Danger Mouse is outstanding, at least from a Mac’s standpoint. While the Mighty Mouse supports some of the same functionality, Danger Mouse enhances that same functionality by taking it to the next level.

If you look carefully, there is now a slight gap between the left and wholesale jerseys China right buttons, which defines their location. This is great for new Mac users who have recently converted from a Windows environment. cheap nba jerseys To top it all, there’s also a scroll wheel that’s well defined as well. For extra glide, MacMice includes special glide pads to make gliding a bit smoother.

But Season we haven’t gotten to Clothing the good part yet. The Danger Mouse is available immediately for $29.99, which is about $20 cheaper than Apple’s Mighty Mouse. The funny thing is, Danger Mouse is <a href="http://www cialis aus”>cheap mlb jerseys a perfect Hockey name for this mouse. You bet it’s a danger to the Mighty Mouse.

Good job, MacMice!

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